X41 D-Sec GmbH is a renowned expert provider for dedicated high quality security research, application security services, penetration tests, and full red teaming. Having extensive industry experience and expertise in the field of IT security, a highly effective security team of world class security experts enables X41 to perform premium security services.

The testers at X41 have experience with penetration testing and red teaming exercises in complex scenarios. This includes enterprise environments with thousands of users and vendor infrastructures such as the Mozilla Firefox Updater (Balrog).

Fields of expertise in the area of application security encompass security-centered code reviews, binary reverse-engineering and vulnerability-discovery. Custom research and IT security consulting, as well as support services, are the core competencies of X41. The team has a strong technical background and performs security reviews of complex and high-profile applications such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers.

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The company X41 D-Sec GmbH is rooted in Germany and located in Aachen and Frankfurt.
We are providing services worldwide!