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Regarding your infrastructure

We have a security emergency plan.

We test our Infrastructure through penetration tests.

We have one or more dedicated employee to track occurrences in the security area.

We test software products regarding security before we use them.

You want to know how far an attacker would get into your Infrastructure.

Our employees would stop a stranger from going into restricted areas in our company.


About products you deliver.

Our developers know how to avoid common bugs.

We test third party software components regarding security before we use them.

Our software handles sensitive information.

We have had security bugs in our product(s).

We test our software regarding security during quality tests.

A security issue in our software would lead to financial damage.

We do have a security emergency plan for our software.

We have security audits for our products.

We use dynamic code analysis (fuzzing) for our product development.

We have old and unmaintained code in our Product.

We don’t have the source code of some product parts anymore.

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