TROOPERS17 - Signal Presentation And Meet-Up

The X41 team is at TROOPERS17, a renowned security conference in Heidelberg, Germany between 2017-03-20 and 2017-03-24.

Markus Vervier will present identified vulnerabilities and research results on the security of messenger apps such as Signal and WhatsApp in his talk Hunting For Vulnerabilities in Signal together with
Jean-Philippe Aumasson (Principal Cryptographer at Kudelski Security).

The presentation will focus on the exposed attack surface, weaknesses in implementations, and protocols.

Signal is regarded as the most secure messaging application and it’s technology is also used by WhatsApp and other messengers.
The vulnerabilities already published allow attackers to modify encrypted attachments and trigger application crashes. Additional research will be presented as well.

X41 will also be at INFILTRATE 2017 and HITBSECCONF2017 Amsterdam.

About X41 D-Sec GmbH

X41 D-Sec GmbH is an expert provider for application security services. Having extensive industry experience and expertise in the area of information security, a strong core security team of world class security experts enables X41 to perform premium security services.

Fields of expertise in the area of application security are security centric code reviews, binary reverse engineering and vulnerability discovery. Custom research and a IT security consulting and support services are core competencies of X41.