At X41 we enjoy traveling to conferences, either as a visitor or when presenting new ideas and research. Conferences are always a nice way to learn and get in touch with exciting people.

REcon (2018-02-02 - 2018-02-04)

Our team will be at REcon in Brussels to meet interesting people and listen to even more interesting talks. If you are there as well and want to grab a coffee or beer, message us on Twitter (@x41sec) or via email!

OffensiveCon (2018-02-12- 2018-02-17) - Oh NO, Where’s FIDO?

Markus and Michele (author of BEEF framework) will present their research about advanced client side attacks at Offensive Con in Berlin. They will present issues with FIDO U2F (Universal 2nd Factor Authentication), that can arise in connection with new technologies such as WebUSB and Bluetooth.

NullCon (2018-03-02 - 2018-03-03) - Internet of Teens

Eric will present his IoT research at Nullcon in Goa at the beginning of March. He performed code audits on parts of several IoT operating systems (Contiki, Apache MyNewt, RIOT, Zephyr) for security issues common in these young operating systems. The presentation will focus on his findings and where to look for security issues in the Internet of Things, which seems to be still in its teenage years.

Get In Touch!

If you want to meet us, just stop by there. And by the way, we are still looking for someone to join our team!