Happy Holidays

`celebrating the holidays` [social event] n. On many occasions
it is possible to celebrate holidays by consuming excessive amounts of
food and drinks. People that do this are said to celebrate the holidays
and can cause the return of body shapes from the last year. This can
produce some of the most insidious family gatherings known to mankind.
Variants include X-Mas, Silvester, ChanukkaHanukah, New Years, Hogmanay,
Kwanzaa, Sinterklaas, Chrismukkah, Jul and 天長節.

Whatever you do the next few weeks, X41 wishes you a lot of fun!

We had an exiting year at X41. We started off by taking a look at some winmail.dat parsers. Continued by finding some bugs in our beloved X.org and Markus and JP (Kudelski) doing some talks about security issues in the Signal messenger at Infiltrate, Troopers, and HITB. During summer, we had fun analysing the Peplink firmware while doing a penetration test for one of our customers. Additionally, we really enjoyed comparing different security aspects of the Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer browsers and publishing the results in a 198 page white paper. At the end of the summer Eric presented some security issues in the IoT operating system RIOT. In autumn Niklas shook some bugs in different shadowsocks tools from the trees and we did some research including porting Linux kernel code to the userspace for more efficient fuzzing. And all this while helping our customers effectively improve security by performing code-audits and penetration tests for them.

Since presents are a big part of celebrations, here is one from us to you. This December all charitable, non-profit organisations (if you are German this would be a “gemeinnützige Organisation” or a gGmbH) will be getting a big discount from us on offers. So get in touch with us!

About X41 D-Sec GmbH

X41 D-Sec GmbH is an expert provider for application security services. Having extensive industry experience and expertise in the area of information security, a strong core security team of world class security experts enables X41 to perform premium security services.

Fields of expertise in the area of application security are security centric code reviews, binary reverse engineering and vulnerability discovery. Custom research and a IT security consulting and support services are core competencies of X41.