Wire Cryptography Audit (with Kudelski Security)

X41 D-Sec’s Markus Vervier and Kudelski Security’s JP Aumasson were hired to audit Wire’s cryptography core, the Proteus library. Wire is an application for mobile and desktop systems that provides end-to-end encrypted messaging, and Proteus implements a protocol combining the X3DH key agreement protocol and the double ratchet algorithm in order to provide high security guarantees to Wire’s users.

Our results are described in the following report:

We were pleased that Wire was able to rapidly fix the issues discovered, none of which were critical:

We would like to thank Wire for trusting us to perform this audit!


  • 20160920: First informal contact with Wire
  • 20161123: Project kick-off
  • 20170109: Report delivery to Wire
  • 20170130: Final report, formatted for public release

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